About me

My name is Katerina but because it is quite a difficult name to pronounce correctly for most foreigners, I prefer you call myself Kati instead.

I was born on August 28, 1974 in Ostrava, an industrial town in the Czech Republic.

I have studied at the Faculty of Philosophy in the University of Ostrava and in 1998 I have graduated in French and Social Sciences.

I received my first camera from my parents when I was 12 years old, and was not beautiful at all at that time! A small "ugly" girl who started to make photographs. The photographs which became my passion.

As a model I posed for the first time in 1998 but my modelling career really started in 2000. Since this time I have had the opportunity to work with many photographers.

Being fascinated by the Art of photography since my childhood I slowly changed my position from in front of to behind the camera to find there finally ma place.

© Kati Rudlova