Kati Rudlova - Interview "ASIAN PHOTOGRAPHY" - August 2005

Have you ever wondered regarding the differences between the lives, in front ot the lens and in retrospect behind it? It is not difficult to become passionate about photography if you are photographed often. But, it is the journey that holds utmost importance. Join us as we speak to a model turned photographer, Kati Rudlova about her journey.

What makes a model a model especially the pre-requisities?

The model should feel herself free and relaxed in front of the camera at all time and not be scared to move, to play, to express her/his emotions. I think that this is the most important pre-requisite for the photo model. Contrary to catwalk models who should have certain hight, measurements and "beauty" requirements.

Being a fine art model yourself what is the level of expectation that a photographer expects from his subject express the way one carries and emotes? ... Especially the way one carries and emotes in front of the camera?

As a model I posed for the first time in 1998 but my modelling career really took off in 2000. Since this time I have had the opportunity to work with many photographers at different levels and each of them have their different style of working and different expectation from me as a model. I would say that more the level of the photographer's work is height, more he is expected and ask from his model and this is what I prefer. I like to work with photographers who know what they want - either they give me detailed instructions or they let me do what I want within the context of their ideas.

In a way what led to your taking up photography as a career and was the transition a natural extension of your career or otherwise?

Photography was always my hobby. When I was about 12 years old, my parents gave my sister and me our first camera - black and white 12-exposure film, black plastic body, with three small pictures - sunny, half cloudy, and cloudy and since than the photographs became my passion. First I was modelling for the photographers but being fascinated by the Art of photography since my childhood slowly I was changing my position from in front of to behind the camera. In 2002 I bought my own quality camera ( CANON EOS 5 ) and I started to make my own photographs. I would never imagine that in 2005 I will be a part of the book with the finest images of the world's leading erotica photographers!

From being in front of the arc lights to being behind the camera, what has really changed in your case and how?

Being a model I was looking for the photographers who would be interested to work with me. Being a photographer I am looking for the models who would be interested in modelling for me. I still do both but lately I am more often behind the camera rather than in front of the camera.

Your brand of photography consists of shooting glamour, lingerie, fashion, and artistic nudes. If you were to single out what you personally like to shoot what would it be and why?

I do mainly portrait, fashion and my self-portraits and I am pleased with it. It so happens that I shoot also lingerie, fetish, landscapes but as photography is my main hobby I enjoy all themes, no matter whether they are portraits or nudes. If I would have to choose what personally I would like to shoot, I would say that I would love to do some great, sensual B&W, fine art, graphic outdoor nudes while continuing fashion, portrait and my self-portraits shoots. Sometimes I think about shooting social photographs or reportage but I do not think that I have the talent for it. I am filled with admiration for all photographers doing this kind of photos. I am also tempted by making photos of pregnant women and babies. For me these kinds of photos emanate a big emotion, which brings beauty to the people's souls. Or should I say "emanate a big beauty and brings emotion to the people's souls...

As a model having worked with a number of international and renowned photographers if ever you had to single out any memorable experiences shooting on location what would it be and why?

Shooting in Israel and on Tenerife ( Canary Islands ) where the landscapes there are absolutely amazing!!! The quiet desert, the soft sand, the never-ending sea, the fascinating vegetation, the kilometres of the rigid lava flow, the kingly volcano, the vast plains whose ends you can hardly see, bordered with huge rocks, the rocks of unbelievables colours, ... the feeling you are alone in the whole world, that the whole world is one big plain, no civilisation. And silence! I felt I was dreaming. Being there naked felt so nice, as if being a part of the nature, this is so beautiful being naked in the warm, soft sand, feeling the sun warming me up. I didn't even feel I was posing. I perceived this unreal beauty, sun, breeze, sand, ... One can only experiance this, hardly describe it!

Having modelled for a number of leading photographers if ever you have been insipired by any particular photographers style who would it be and why?

Having modelled for many photographers many times gave me the opportunity to see how each photographer proceed while making photos. Each photographer has his own style and I appreciated some more than others but I do not think that I was inspired by one particular photographer's style. I saw how they do but I prefer to find my own way, my own style.

Coming from your native Czech and working in France how difficult was it initially for a model given the geographical problems and the language and how you got over the same?

It was not so difficult as I was already speaking good French before I came to France. Regarding the geographical problems, I knew the place where I have moved already before so it wasn't surprising for me. Contrary to Czech Republic here in south of France the weather is always sunny, which is quite pleasant.

As a photographer what are the qualities that you admire in a model and how do you focus on the strong points while moving away from the bad points?

I appreciate the human quality of a person which model for me. I like when my model is cheerful, open to talk, to share, to bring her/his ideas, to have a fun. If you get along with your model, it is always more pleasant to work with. I do not look for top models for my photos, l like to work with nice people.

Who would be your ideal diva (cover girl) today if you have to name any one in particular and why?

I think that today there is so many models everywhere that it would be quite difficult to choose only one as an ideal cover girl. You can take any model from any agency and with the help of styliste, hair styliste and make-up artiste you can make an absoluthly amazing cover girl.

With digital technology changing the face of photography how much has it benefited you and photography per se?

Since the beginning I use the CANON EOS 5. I have worked only few times with a digital camera CANON EOS 300D but I was not completely satisfied. It is true that digital technology brings many possibilities for the photographers today. Personally I use the scanner for my negatives and than I work on them in Photoshop. I like also to create completely new images in Photoshop. I admire what some artist are able to do in Photoshop with a photo but I will be always admiring the black and white hand printing of big masters.